Escape from Helmira

Escape from Helmira
Escape from Helmira -

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When we left Rumfeld (Rummy) Dixon in “Return to Sender,” he drank bourbon laced with a capsule that sent him back in time to Elmira Federal prison for Confederate prisoners. Two options face him; either do nothing and die in this hell hole or join a group of ten prisoners in their attempt to dig a tunnel out of the stockade to freedom.

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Return to Sender

Return to Sender
Return to Sender -


Rumfeld Dixon, CEO of Dyna-Tyme Genetics, is convinced that the United States is on a destructive course of action. With Federal policies fueled by corporate greed and corrupt political decisions, he sees no hope for economic recovery in the foreseeable future. Fortunately, Dyna-Tyme Genetics has developed a unique method to send a human back in time.

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Costa Rica Adventures

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Written to give practical information for living in Costa Rica on a budget, the author shares personal experiences on topics that range from housing and transportation to positive and negative aspects of living in this beautiful Central American country. The information included in this useful handbook will guide the reader around the pitfalls and potholes which so often trap the unwary.

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How to Live in Costa Rica on $1500 a Month -

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Fred H. Holmes

Fred H. Holmes


FRED H. HOLMES was born and raised on a small dairy farm in the Finger Lakes region of Western New York. After attending college and majoring in chemistry at RIT, Fred became a successful cash register salesman and was transferred to Atlanta, Georgia.

Fred fell in love with the south and quickly adapted to southern ways. His company transferred him to the home office, this time in New Jersey. In the early seventies he found himself in Dallas, Texas, being swept off his feet by the Texas charm and beauty of his soon-to-be wife, Mary, and part of a thriving wholesale and retail dart business. Fred was always an avid reader and a passion for writing combined with a lack of instructional books on the booming game of darts prompted him to write three successful books on darts.

In 2001, they sold the dart business, and in 2005, Fred and Mary moved to Costa Rica where they are now retired and living in a small town west of San Jose.

Fred now has the time to write full-time and his experiences in the north and south as well as a passion for history and science fiction have led to this book, and we hope many more.


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I loved the time frame of Mr. Holmes outstanding story!

As a Civil War History Major in college, I loved the time frame of Mr. Holmes outstanding story. Carleton is chosen for time travel by Dyna-Time to change the outcome of the Civil War. His first trip back is so well described that you can picture yourself right there with Carleton seeing and hearing the South in 1862. It is a great read for imagining what might have happened, but also a well woven mystery that I had a hard time putting down. If your looking for a fun, well done, mysterious adventure, you will want to read this …. soon!

By Sue Anne on August 27, 2015

Surprisingly Good - Glad I Read

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even though I am really not interested in time travel. I like historical fiction and weaving time travel in with history of the Civil War South made for a very interesting tale. It actually seemed believable! I couldn’t put it down – wanted to see what was going to happen next. Fred Holmes did a great job of entertaining me. Have recommended it to another book friend who does read books on time travel.

By Allen Rodke on April 24, 2015

This combination of time travel and history makes for an interesting and thought-provoking read.

Return to Sender combines time travel with history and adds a bit of unusual conjecture as to what might have happened if history had played out differently. It’s an entertaining, suspenseful read, and offers up some food for thought.

In this look back at US history, Fred Holmes ponders the question: What would the outcome have been if the South had won the Civil War? That’s the wish of Rumfield Dixon— Rummy to his friends— who just happens to be the CEO of a company with the science and technology to do it. He has all the right reasons, or so it seems.

What happens is not what you might expect. If you’re a time-travel fan, and you enjoy a little history on the side, check out this little book, you won’t be sorry.

By Scribblegal on March 24, 2015

What a long strange and FUN trip this has been!! Loved the book, loved the concept...great read

I could not finish this book in a hurry….I loved reading a few chapters and just contemplating the possibilities for a day. This is more than a time travel book. I don’t usually read a book more than once, but I will make an exception.

Mr. Holmes chose an interesting time in history to suggest changes made via time travel. In this time of turmoil it is entertaining to consider what we might change via a “splice in time” as presented in this book.

I highly recommend spending time with this novel….you won’t regret the way it changes your view and makes one think….”what if”???

By gone south on May 9, 2015

If you love a time travel read as much as I do, you're in for a treat with ||Return to Sender.||

The litmus test for a good time travel novel is the vehicle: how is it done? In some novels, the travel just magically happens; in others, the vehicle is clever but impossible. Holmes, however, constructs a theory that is so plausible it has the reader searching for flaws. The premise of the novel is compelling: Can a time traveller sent back to the time of the Civil War perform actions that would change the outcome of the war? In a plot that has more turns than a Rubik’s cube, Holmes weaves a journey through the years, using the history and geography of the times as his guide. As the travels of the hero neared an end, I found myself turning pages, open-mouthed, shaking my head in wonder. What if… indeed?

By raptorz4ever on March 29, 2015