Escape from Helmira

EFH_finalbookWhen we left Rumfeld (Rummy) Dixon in “Return to Sender,” he drank bourbon laced with a capsule that sent him back in time to Elmira Federal prison for Confederate prisoners. Two options face him; either do nothing and die in this hell hole or join a group of ten prisoners in their attempt to dig a tunnel out of the stockade to freedom.

In present time, Lida Mitushi, Rummy’s lover and partner in his aborted attempt to change the results of the American Civil War, decides to rescue him from his likely demise.  She can handle everything except make the trip herself as she would obviously stand out in a prison full of men.

She needs to find a man to make the trip.  And when she does, revenge will be easy.

Can the Dyna-Tyme team prevent them from wreaking havoc in time?

Find out by reading the latest from Fred H. Holmes and the latest in the Dyna-Tyme Genetics Time Travel series…