Return to Sender

RTS_finalbookRumfeld Dixon, CEO of Dyna-Tyme Genetics, is convinced that the United States is on a destructive course of action. With Federal policies fueled by corporate greed and corrupt political decisions, he sees no hope for economic recovery in the foreseeable future. Fortunately, Dyna-Tyme Genetics has developed a unique method to send a human back in time.

Carleton Venable’s familial ties to the Civil War make him the perfect candidate to travel to 1862 and make changes that will affect the outcome of the war and transform the American way of life.  Even knowing he shouldn’t get caught up in Rummy’s scheme to change the outcome of past events, his father’s gambling has put the family farm in jeopardy, leaving him no choice. Besides, his lifelong interest in time travel was just too enticing to pass up this once in a lifetime mission.

Some intensive training and a simple injection is all it takes to send him back 150 years. Arriving safely, events begin to transpire as planned… for a while. It is only then that things start to go wrong… horribly wrong!

Will he be able to save the American way of life he loves in the present… in the past?


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“I don’t read much fiction but I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the time travel genre. The research of the Civil War battles and the period is evident in the author’s telling of the story. Clearly, the author understands the contemporary opinion of the “history” of the cause of the civil war as expressed in some quarters of the South. While infuriating to actual students of history, it is a realistic depiction. It also makes the outcome somewhat amusing.”

“If you love a time travel read as much as I do, you’re in for a treat with “Return to Sender.” The litmus test for a good time travel novel is the vehicle: how is it done? In some novels, the travel just magically happens; in others, the vehicle is clever but impossible. Holmes, however, constructs a theory that is so plausible it has the reader searching for flaws. The premise of the novel is compelling: Can a time traveller sent back to the time of the Civil War perform actions that would change the outcome of the war? In a plot that has more turns than a Rubik’s cube, Holmes weaves a journey through the years, using the history and geography of the times as his guide. As the travels of the hero neared an end, I found myself turning pages, open-mouthed, shaking my head in wonder. What if… indeed?”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even though I am really not interested in time travel. I like historical fiction and weaving time travel in with history of the Civil War South made for a very interesting tale. It actually seemed believable! I couldn’t put it down – wanted to see what was going to happen next. Fred Holmes did a great job of entertaining me. Have recommended it to another book friend who does read books on time travel.”