About Fred

FRED H. HOLMES was born and raised on a small dairy farm in the Finger Lakes region of Western New York. After attending college and majoring in chemistry at RIT, Fred became a successful cash register salesman and was transferred to Atlanta, Georgia.


Fred fell in love with the south and quickly adapted to southern ways. His company transferred him to the home office, this time in New Jersey.   In the early seventies he found himself in Dallas, Texas, being swept off his feet by the Texas charm and beauty of his soon-to-be wife, Mary, and part of a thriving wholesale and retail dart business. Fred was always an avid reader and a passion for writing combined with a lack of instructional books on the booming game of darts prompted him to write three successful books on darts.


In 2001, they sold the dart business, and in 2005, Fred and Mary moved to Costa Rica where they are now retired and living in a small town west of San Jose.

CostaRica map

Fred now has the time to write full-time and his experiences in the north and south as well as a passion for history and science fiction have led to this book, and we hope many more.